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At Stony Hill Advisors, our culture thrives on the fusion of expertise, innovation, and collaboration. We are dedicated to your business's transformation and success, with a commitment to integrity and excellence at our core.

The Stony Hill Advantage

Stony Hill Advisors is a team of experienced professionals with over 45 years of combined experience in the business world. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in creating businesses, acquiring existing opportunities, exiting current endeavors, and investing in businesses. Our advisors, skilled in valuing and preparing businesses for transition, can assist clients with strategic and exit planning.

With a wealth of experience in operating both public and private entities, our advisors understand the nuances of operating a business and the difficulties of managing the transition simultaneously with operations. With a deep understanding of the business world and a commitment to our clients, Stony Hill Advisors is the ideal partner for anyone looking to value, prepare, acquire or divest of a business.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Professional intermediary services facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers.

Stony Hill's extensive process of conducting market analysis, determining value, promoting and identifying businesses for sale, screening potential buyers, as well as negotiating and closing transactions ensures the best possible outcome. We engage in open and transparent discussions with our clients to fully understand their goals and timeline. These discussions allow us to align expectations and determine the feasibility of their objectives within current market and transaction conditions.

Capital Strategies

Impacting a company's ability to fund operations, investments, and growth initiatives.

Capital strategies are crucial for businesses to manage their financial resources effectively. A well-defined strategy ensures access to necessary funds and efficient deployment to maximize returns and minimize risks. It balances short-term stability with long-term growth and aligns financial objectives with business goals. A robust capital strategy is vital for adaptability, resilience, and sustainable success in a changing business landscape.

Financial Restructuring

Improve overall stability and optimize debt-equity balance, reducing financial distress.

Financial restructuring involves modifying a company's financial structure to enhance its stability and long-term viability. This process includes debt refinancing, asset sales, and equity issuance. It helps distressed companies avoid bankruptcy, regain investor confidence, free up capital for strategic investments, and support sustainable growth. Timely execution is crucial for businesses facing financial challenges.

Management Services

Providing strategic guidance, expertise, and solutions for success and growth.

Management services help organizations navigate challenges and achieve goals. They include consulting services, business development, fractional officers, and independent board members. These services enhance resilience, drive innovation, optimize resources, and facilitate informed decision-making, fostering growth and competitiveness in a dynamic business environment.

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